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What they say about it

DIRECT TO ETHANOL® technology uses sunlight, algae, non-arable land and carbon dioxide to economically produce ethanol, a valuable commodity, and spent algae that can be converted into other biofuels. Our proprietary technology employs enhanced blue-green algae (or cyanobacteria) and Mother Nature’s photosynthesis to convert CO2 and seawater into “sugar” (pyruvate) and then into ethanol and biomass. Source

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How they say it works

Algenol’s patented technology enables the production of the four most important fuels (ethanol, gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel) for around $1.27 per gallon each using proprietary algae, sunlight, carbon dioxide and saltwater at production levels of 8,000 total gallons of liquid fuel per acre per year. Algenol's technology produces high yields and relies on Algenol’s patented photobioreactors and proprietary downstream separation techniques for low-cost fuel production. These novel, low-cost techniques have the added benefit of consuming carbon dioxide from industrial sources, not using farmland or food crops and being able to provide freshwater. A central component of Algenol’s Direct to Ethanol® technology is a proprietary flexible plastic film photobioreactor (PBR) that facilitates product creation and collection. The plastic used for PBR construction has been specifically engineered and enhanced with resins and other features designed to optimize a variety of performance metrics. Each individual PBR consists of ports for ethanol and biomass collection and the introduction of CO2 and nutrients. Algenol’s engineering team incorporates weather data and other commercial deployment considerations in order to design photobioreactors that optimize culture maintenance and ethanol production. Source

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