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A collaboration of researchers is working on creating pig organs that are safe to transfer into human beings without any form of rejection response. This entails modifying a significant number of genes in the pig DNA; however, significant strides have already been made.

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Humans, pigs and most other mammals share about 90 percent of the same genes. What Venter's team will do is to determine which aspects of the pig genome need to be altered to make porcine lungs compatible with humans, avoiding the rejection response that occurs even in human-to-human transplants. "We're going to start with generating a brand new super-accurate sequence of the pig genome, and then go through in detail and compare it to the human genome," Venter, the founder and chief executive of Synthetic Genomics Inc, said in a telephone interview. "The goal is to go in and edit, and where necessary, rewrite using our synthetic genomic tools, the pig genes that seem to be associated with immune responses." Source

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