Myrifilm Zero-VOC Coalescing Solvent




What they say about it

Myrifilm® is a bio-based (on bio-succinic acid), ultra low odor, broad spectrum coalescing solvent. Because it is zero-volatile organic compound (as measured by American Society for Testing and Materials D6866), Myrifilm allows the formulation flexibility needed to meet increasingly stringent environmental compliance regulations. Source

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Coalescing solvents are a key functional component of waterborne coating systems. In a typical waterborne paint, polymer particles are dispersed in water along with pigment particles and a number of other functional additives. As the paint is applied to a surface, the water begins to evaporate and the particles begin to approach each other. The polymer particles, assisted by the coalescing solvent, begin to flow together to create a coherent polymer film. This film, which adheres to the surface and holds the pigment particles in place, has properties that are critical to the performance of the final paint. The coalescing solvent must not adversely affect the properties of the finished paint by softening the film or having a residual unpleasant odor. Source

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