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Project Cyborg is a cloud-based meta-platform of design tools for programming matter across domains and scales. Project Cyborg provides elastic cloud-based computation in a web-based CAD shell for services such as modeling, simulation and multi-objective design optimization. Researchers, developers, students and citizen scientists can use these tools to advance their own projects and, if they choose, share their work with others and even use Project Cyborg as a marketplace. Cyborg allows individuals or groups to create specialized design platforms specific for their domains, whatever their domains happen to be, from nanoparticle design to tissue engineering, to self-assembling human-scale manufacturing. Source

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What is Project Cyborg? It’s a design space for proving real-world methods and processes that is restricted beta testing at the moment, but that doesn’t limit its potential. The cloud-based meta-platform will serve as a foundation for multiple specialized design platforms. For instance, initial efforts are focused on creating design tools for four specific domains: Tissue engineering (also called 3-D bioprinting) — Autodesk is working with Organovo on constructing functional human tissues for revolutionizing healthcare. 4-D printing — A 3-D printed object that performs an additional function after be manufactured, such as learning from and evolving with its environment or an IKEA chair that self-assembles after you take it out of the box. Nanoparticles and DNA origami — Design nanorobots that will seek and destroy cancer cells or DNA scaffolds that will deliver active Health & Medicine ingredients to specific targets within the body. Synthetic biology – Redesign a metabolic pathway virtually or, eventually, create a fully functional synthetic cell from scratch in a digital environment.

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