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Project news • 05/27/09Synthetic Biology on the Rise

A new interactive map shows a growing landscape of synthetic biology activity throughout the United States and Europe.

Project news • 05/20/09Synthetic Biology in High Places

Project scholar presented recent research findings on the public perception of synthetic biology before the European Group on Ethics.

Project news • 03/25/09 Synthetic Biology: The Next Biotech Revolution Is Brewing

The safety of early applications of synthetic biology may be adequately addressed by the existing regulatory framework for biotechnology, but further advances in this emerging field are likely to create significant challenges for U.S. government oversight, according to a new report.

Project news • 02/12/09A Framework for Exploring the Ethical and Social Issues of Emerging Technologies

Recent action in Congress to reauthorize the U.S. federal nanotechnology research program offers the chance to address the social and ethical issues concerning the emerging scientific field, experts say. A newly released report emphasizes ways in which these topics intersect with governmental functions and responsibilities.

Project news • 12/17/08 Importance of Synthetic Biology in the 21st Century

The Synthetic Biology Project is being launched to identify gaps in our knowledge of the potential risks of the field, explore public perceptions towards it, and examine governance options that will both ensure public safety and facilitate innovation. Take the quiz! Winners Announced!

Project news • 11/07/08Synthetic Biology on the Nanofrontier?

Mechanical engineers use off the shelf tools and components to create their products, and in Jay Keasling’s vision, genetic engineers will one day soon have similar resources at their disposal.

Project news • 09/30/08 Americans Don’t Know What’s Coming

A groundbreaking poll has found that nearly nine in 10 Americans say they have heard just a little or nothing at all about the emerging field of synthetic biology. This new insight into limited public awareness of emerging technologies comes on the cusp of a major leadership change in the nation’s capital.

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